Screen grabs from basic book trailer.

About the project:

South Pacific Nights started off as a rom-com novel in the same mindset of a fictional, EAT PRAY LOVE or Under the Tuscan Sun.

Originally, the main character Carlee was an accountant who desperately needs a vacay after getting dumped by her man.  You can see the original basic book trailer >> here<<.

By 2013 I collaborated as writer/producer/co-director for the live-action book trailer or South Pacific Nights >>here<<.  If you’re on my newsletter list, the password to view it is included in the newsletter.  Just sign up and after your email has been confirmed, send an email to info(at) (using the @ symbol in place of the (at)) requesting the password and link and you’ll get it upon approval.

Screenshot from Live-action book trailer for SPN

The journey to getting South Pacific Nights (SPN) produced was pretty experimental and I wasn’t prepared for the direction I was on.  I was really stretched on this production. Mainly because I had already resigned that I wouldn’t  be able to do a live-action trailer and instead, focused on a smaller project, using video and photo stock.

Then out of nowhere, an opportunity to shoot the live-action trailer happened and I just rolled with it. Alot of business, personal, and creative lessons were learned from that. And I’m grateful for the process and the journey.

Since 2013 South Pacific Nights the (novel) has been revised into a darker, but inspirational, women’s fiction story about a married woman whose life is fraying rapidly at the expense of her upwardly moving family. She takes a vacation to take stock of where she wants to be versus where’s she’s at. Luckily I was able to salvage the other marketing collateral (book cover) for the new direction of South Pacific Nights but not the trailer production.

The original story, a rom-com about the woman needing a vacay, isn’t completely extinguished. It has a new title, character names and honestly, other than the sports angle and vacation, 60% of that story is different as well and in the editing phase.

Because SPN isn’t what it used to be, I haven’t released the video for promotion but it’s good to look back and see how I’ve matured as a producer since then. Overall, I got 2 new stories out of the process and a learning experience that prepped me for my first feature film in 2018.

If you’re an author wanting a live-action book trailer for your marketing. Contact me using the form below.  Prices for 30-second teaser starts at $750

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