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Film Summary:

As co-founder and co-partner of McKinney & Wells Marketing, Sarah Jane McKinney has done every foul deed in order to get her company off the ground and secure its clients, even siphoning projects from her business partner, Mark Wells.

In this short film about power, greed, and redemption, SJ comes to terms with her sinful past when she’s kidnapped on her birthday.  Her path to redemption will change her life forever.

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Director’s Statement:

I think greed is interesting.  It’s an insatiable thirst for needs that one believes he/she needs that really never get fulfilled.  It’s not always about money or fame either. Greed can be material possessions, that next pair of shoes or jewelry or it can come in the form of awards and acknowledgments.

When needs become greed, there’s literally nothing a person wouldn’t do to acquire the object of his or her fancy, even if it means corrupting, manipulating or dividing the people they love.  But in the end, no matter how much power, love, money, or fame a person has, it only creates a greater need for more or the need to “keep and control” what they have.

I wanted the lead actress (Michelle Mays) in the short to represent the character “Sarah Jane” or “SJ” as a successful, business savvy woman who’s calculating and brilliant. But there’s a side of her that’s vulnerable, a side that wants to get caught so she can repent but she can’t find it in herself to do it one on one with God or the people she’s hurt.

From the outside, it appears she has everything. Then you learn some secrets about her. She doesn’t have the luxury to sort through her shame, guilt, and foul deeds gradually like a lot of us, she has one, terrifying moment to process everything.